Speaking Engagements


Anna Kozmenko: Speaker at a Conference on Anti-Doping issues


Anna Kozmenko spoke at a Conference on Anti-Doping issues and current trends in this area. In particular, she covered the recent ECtHR jurisprudence on sports-related issues and its …

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Anna Kozmenko: Speaker at Young Mute-Off Thursdays


Anna Kozmenko spoke at Young Mute-Off Thursdays on the current thorny issues in sports law and arbitration as well as trends and developments in this area.

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Philipp Groz: Speaker on INTA's Arbitration Subcommittee webinar


Philipp Groz spoke on INTA's Arbitration Subcommittee's webinar "Arbitration of Trademark Disputes: Why Brand Owners (And Their Counsel) Should Use It and How It Works".

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Philipp Groz: Speaker at WIPO Seminar on ADR for Life Sciences Disputes


Philipp Groz was a speaker at WIPO Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Life Sciences Disputes Management and Resolution in Geneva on Managing and Resolving Life Sciences …

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Peter Burckhardt: Speaker at the Schulthess Forum Wirtschaftsstrafrecht 2022


Peter Burckhardt was a speaker at the Schulthess Forum Wirtschaftsstrafrecht 2022 at the Metropol in Zurich on the subject of "Deals in Wirtschaftsstrafverfahren gegen Unternehmen".

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Katherine Bell: Moderator at SAC-DIS-VIAC Conference


Katherine Bell was a moderator at an event organized jointly by the Swiss Arbitration Center, the German Arbitration Institute (DIS) and the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC).

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