Schellenberg Wittmer is partnering with AVVEC


In order to raise awareness, Schellenberg Wittmer has decided to put in place a Partnership with AVVEC (Aide aux Victimes de Violence en Couple).

AVVEC, a Geneva-based non-profit organization, supports victims of intimate partner violence. Founded in 1977, the organization helps all victims experiencing intimate partner violence; women, men as well as LGBT individuals. Since children growing up in situations of intimate partner violence are always affected, AVVEC provides support and help to them through their mother.

In Switzerland, intimate partner violence happens across all social classes. 83% of victims are women and only 17% are men. The sad truth is that every two weeks a person dies as a result of domestic violence.

During the month of November and December, AVVEC is launching an Awareness Campaign around this topic. Through the use of WAST (Women Abuse Screening Tool), an online self-test, people can easily identify their own risk of being a victim of intimate partner violence. If you want to help someone, who might be a victim, please share the self-test link with them or reach out to AVVEC to get advice on how to best help the victim.

Raising awareness is our duty, social responsibility our commitment.


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